Recruitment and Staffing agency for IT Computer technology staff

Recruitment services for permanent and temporary agency staff. Technical recruitment and agency staffing of senior computer, IT experts, complex distributed systems technologies, emerging technologies and next generation solutions professionals.

IT Computer Staffing of Computer Software Engineers, Analysts, Architects, Designers, Programmers Developers, Project Managers, Instructors, Testers, Coders, System Administrator jobs

Consultant experts in operating systems, languages, tools, applications, techniques, software engineering and programming jobs, database, networking, web, wireless and useability, configuration and implementation, maintenance and quality assurance.

B2B, eCommerce, software development, web, e-business, B2C, enterprise software and specific industry experts

Staff and Consulting jobs in:

Platform OS:
Windows, UNIX, SOLARIS, Linux, Macintosh

DB2, IMS, INFORMIX MySQL, Oracle, Progress RDBMS, Sybase, SQL Server

Code Language Technologies:
Applets, ASP, Baan, C/C++, CAD, Cobol,Coldfusion, Corba, DB2, EJB, DHTML, HTML, J2EE, JSP, JDBC, JDK, Java, Java Beans, Javascript, PERL, Peoplesoft, Powerbuilder, SAP, Shell Script , Siebel, Smalltalk, SOAP, SQL, Togethersoft, Microsoft, Notes, OLAP, VB, Visual Basic, Weblogic, WebSphere, XML, XSLT

Wireless and Embedded Systems:
Telecommunications, WAP, Mobile, Cellular, Wireless, PCS, Mainframe, Client Server, Middleware and Object Oriented Programming


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