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Recruitment, Staffing & Contractor Services:
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We supply, search and screen engineering, executive, science, technical and other professional staff for direct hire by companies as permanent staff. We also provide companies with temporary staff, project consultants and professional contractors of Energy Placement Inc.


Our Free Service includes recruitment agency professional representation; jobs market commentary and confidential jobs and careers assistance. Open-access Jobs Board; no registration required - view jobs and apply now!


Jobs Board Advertising Solutions:


Post a Job  as low as $69 for a 90 day job ad!

Fully branded, logo, linked. Instant posting, Free editing. Help posting available.   

1. Per Job Rate 

2. Jobs Bundle Rates (save on per-job rate) buy 5-9 jobs, 10-24 jobs, 25+ jobs.

3. Generic Job Advert Want to showcase your opportunities/company? We can help.

4. Unlimited Jobs – Lease access, pay one low monthly price.

Job Advert Durations? – 30, 60 and 90 day-period job ads.

  Ad Placement   (Separate - No need to purchase jobs)

Want to reach Professionals in your Industry /Sector /Region with an Ad Campaign?
We'll run your creative advertisement - Logo / Banner / Text ad / other media. Drive prospects and candidates 
straight to your website. One or multiple page options. Target advertising by Industry/Sector/Region. 
Ads run for 1 month or up to 12 months, we handle everything. Campaigns to suit any budget. 
  Package  Combined - Post a Job account and Ad Placement (further creative advertising) available.
  How do Job Candidates Apply? - Directly to your company: "Apply to" link generates an application
  email OR if you choose, sends applicants straight to your Company Website to apply.
  Payment/Billing? - Credit card or Invoicing (check or wire) - pre-pay or simply pay-as-you go monthly.

                                  Advertise: (+1) 760 837-3864    

  Reach a targeted audience of industry professionals. Our jobs board requires no registration which means you reach active and passive job seekers worldwide. Mail: 


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Recruitment, Staffing & Contractor Services